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Celebrating 10 years: that’s how long Diageo brand teams have benefitted from our promotional expertise

Learn how to make prize promotions bigger in value than you ever imagined you could?

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Sports promotion: developing prize structures for ROI

If you want to run a promotion offering a £1 million worth of prizes, do you need £1 million budget?

The answer is no… far from it.

Umbrella are promotional risk management experts who will help you see your promotional budgets with a fresh pair of eyes. We enable you to amplify your offer whilst protecting your budget from the threat of over-redemption.

We enable brands and agencies to run high-impact promotions by taking on all the redemption costs associated with a forthcoming promotion. However the Client only pays us one fixed fee. Giving them 100% budget certainty.

Our services include:

  • Promotional risk management
  • Fixed fee promotions
  • Over-redemption cover
  • Project management
  • Promotional consultancy

Umbrella has been established for over 10 years, working with many leading brands to make their promotions easier, more effective, engaging and fun!